first day

Today I woke up early, put on my new fancy clothes, straightened my hair and headed to one of my favorite buildings on the planet.  I mean who wouldn't want to live at a place that has these for door knobs??
When you walk into the casting center you enter a circular "room" with special gold characters on top of the pillars aligning the room…
Then there is this super scary long hallway that you can walk up to and make an appointment or ask a friendly Disney cast member some silly question….  (I also remember sitting along this long hallway to see if I could transfer my Disney College Program position from ATTRACTIONS---> CHARACTER PERFORMER…  I think I was laughed at as they informed me that you can NOT change your contract once you get here… really fun to remember how defeated and sad I felt that moment and now almost exactly five years later seeing my dreams come true!!  YAY!)
I handed in my paperwork… saw a name next to my name that confirmed that I FOR SURE got the position that I wanted! :)  YAY!  ilovethatpinkdress.  They took my fingerprints and now we wait until the 22nd when I attend my traditions class and go to further training from there! :)  So excited to see this fun journey unfold.

practicing my curtsey,


  1. I can't wait to start hearing stories about your days at disney! congrats again! so excited for you.

  2. Oh, I am SO excited for you!!! What an exciting life!!

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