good day

Today was awesome-  I have no pictures to prove it, so you'll just have to take my word on it.  Today I woke up and my friend, Lauren, was here to see me.  She didn't call, she didn't text-- she just came over... and I LOVE that!  One of my favorite things is drop-bys...  I must admit this has only happened three times in the log cabin...  two of which being Jamie-Jo and now Lauren!  Hopefully I will have more of an open-doorness about me in California and people will line up to "drop-by" the white's apartment!!  :)  I can only hope! :)

Anyway,  we chatted... my rockin' husband made peppermint hot chocolate (YUM YUM YUM), we did crafts and we painted.  It was perfect! :)

I then put on normal-people clothes and headed to our craigslist friends (they are called craigslist friends because we met them on craigslist... not in the classified section mind you)--  we LOVE them.  They are easy, they are fun and she is a GREAT cook!  If they ever invite us over for dinner it's so dumb of us NOT to go! :)  To Nathan and Jamie, thank you for reaching out to us and loving us!  We value your friendship!

Tonight was also the Kanakuk Christmas party.  It's the first one I've missed in the past four years.  Weird... but okay.  I hate that I couldn't be there for my family, support them and love on them.  I just really really love kamp...  :)

Then we met up with pretty much all of our Kamp friends at Big Cedar to hear our friend, Clay, play.  He plays a mean guitar and has great vocals... but most importantly he is FUNNY!  We had a blast!  I've really enjoyed laughing a lot recently.  The other night, nothing was funny, but I couldn't stop laughing...  I think when your life is turned upside down, you're completely relying on faith, and your house is in boxes-- all you can do is laugh!  So that's what I'm doing... laughing!

Tonight I was honored to sing a couple songs with Clay--  I normally would NEVER do anything like that...  but Brady and I are trying to be more "yes" people... so I did it--  and I had fun!  :)  I might never get that experience again, so I'm thankful I did it!!!  And thankful to all of my friends (and strangers) in the crowd that put up with me on the mic for a few minutes!!

We then took some dear friends home and the conversations we had were so honest, so deep and so wonderful!  I am thankful that in these past four years that I've lived here the relationships I've made have been so meaningful.  At times I get discouraged looking back at the MANY friends I have lost along the way to moves and schedules...  but I think what the Lord showed me tonight was although I don't have constant community in Branson--  I do have some precious relationships that I will cherish for a long time! :)  and that I am thankful for!

ALSO, I packed up like 5 boxes of kitchen stuff today!! :)  FUN and PRODUCTIVE!  That's a day I feel good about!!!


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