I can't believe it happened-- it just crept up on me while I wasn't looking.  I just finished December 1st!!  This year has FLOWN by for us!  We've been so blessed this year and have been able to do some incredible things!  We are getting excited about our last few weeks in the mid-west.  Packing them full with visits to family, packing boxes, downsizing and drinking lots of egg nog (which GoGo told us is the WORST thing you can drink during the holidays...  thanks... a lot...).

Packing is going well... we have about 80% of the upstairs packed... :)

Tonight we headed out on the town with our dear friends, GT and Lindsay--  we ate sushi, bought WAY too many doughnuts and ended the evening with Home Alone.  I love the holidays!

All of our presents are bought and wrapped--  it's nice having them done early this year, but it's a bummer when I'm at wal-mart and see something PERFECT for my sister... or my mom.... mom, you are banking this year!! :)  I really think I enjoy nothing more than giving presents at Christmas!!!  I spend most of December begging family members to open them early!!  Sorry guys!

Alright... happy December 1st!  We're going to fall asleep watching elf!!

ho. ho. ho.

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