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Last night I attended my 4th Branson cookie party-- hosted by the lovely Norma Smalley...  (Gary's allowed to come out about 53 minutes into the party-- but most of the hosting is done by the Mrs. and her daughter).  There is always good food, great cookies and fun had by the who's who in Branson.

Sunday night GoGo's kitchen was CRAZY with candies, icing, cookie dough and FLOUR EVERYWHERE!  It was like a professional bakery-  we made her cute little snowmen first:

Then we made my mittens:

  I came in second this year!!!!!!  YAY!!! :)

I lost to the candlesticks you'll see in this picture---  Brady wasn't too happy...

In all seriousness... those candlesticks are pretty awesome--- I must admit I put my M&M in their pile... (that's how you vote... you get one M&M to place by the cookie you think is the best! :) )

This year was extra special because we got to hob-nob with the rich and famous...  look familiar?

See if you can spy two of them in our clever and incognito photo:

haha!!!  The cookie party is DEFINITELY something I'll miss about Branson!  Such a fun holiday tradition!

still on a sugar high,

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  1. So fun! I wish I could have gone with you and GoGo!!! Love the pic of the Lennon Sisters! :)