to grandfather's house we go

Last weekend during my trip to Quincy I was able to spend some sweet moments with the greatest guy! :)  A few of the cousins and I headed over to put on a show for Grandpa!!!!!!

We began the festivities with a little piano duet--

Turns out "heart and soul" touches the heart of ALL ages!!  Grandpa didn't stop clapping the whole time!

We then performed a little Miley Cyrus, "HOEDOWN THROWDOWN" dance...  Unfortunately, I have no pictures to prove it-- so you'll just have to take my word on it... if you haven't seen the Hoedown Throwdown- you are crazy and need to watch this video now...

Then we performed some fabulous Disney songs including, but not limited to, Part of Your World and A  Whole New World... also by special request we slowed it down a bit with Amazing Grace...

Grandpa was so proud!!  It was so good to see him! :)

Anabelle did make the trip and LOVED being around all of Grandpa's friends!  She was an absolute hit! :)

proud to be a thomas,

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  1. It makes me happy that you all put on a show for Grandpa! = ) Yeah Cousins!!