california here we come!

We leave today!!!!!!!!  At 12:30 our flight takes off!!  To say I'm excited is such a severe severe severe understatement!  Just looking at this picture makes my stomach do flip flops!!  I can't believe we're going to be there in a matter of hours!!!  We pricelined a hotel and got a great deal on a Hyatt hotel RIGHT ON THE BEACH!!!  We are going to be spoiled as we cruise downtown disney and hunt for the perfect apartment that we will call home for 6-12 months :)

Brady will stay until this Sunday- then I will go move in with my dear friend from High School, Elaina :)  She is so sweet to open up her cute apartment to me!!  I can't wait to spend time with her and have her teach me everything I need to know!!! :)  You won't believe me, but she's actually prettier in real life! :)

Prayer requests:
1) The Lord would provide the PERFECT place for us to live... safety, price and location.
2) My heart, I know once I get there working at Disney is going to become my ONLY goal and I need to be prepared for the fact that I might not be able to get a job right away...
3) Safe travels-- :)

mickey here we come!

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  1. good luck jennafer! if mickey has anything besides cheese for brains, he'll hire you asap. you have wonderful talent, disney experience & good references. i'm sure magic is headed your way!