panera. again.

Brady made it to the airport.   I had an ADVENTURE trying to find a silly Wal Mart around this place.  I went to one on some scary street and there were guards outside the front gate... so I decided to find another one---  then I saw a sign for Beverly Hills, so I just started to drive that way, because you can't get too scared around Beverly Hills right??  I played cell phone games until Panera opened and now... here we are again Gingerbread Latte...

Elaina should be calling me soon and we will head to her apartment and begin our weeks adventures!!

Yesterday, Brady and I looked at more apartments and found some really great ones!  Thank you, Lord! :)  One really ritzy one we looked at yesterday had social puppy hours.... seriously?  Anabelle will have a social agenda??  That might be a little too much for us!  But it was fun to pretend for a little bit!! :)

We then spent the afternoon at Downtown Disney and I was in HEAVEN!  I LOVE it there!!  It's SO different from Disney World but it still is so incredibly magical!! :)  We ate pizza and walked around and I gazed at everything that I'm going to want to buy after I get a cast member discount!!!  :)  It was awesome.

Still loving it here... getting used to the driving...  :)

love you all.

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