happy 4th anniversary to us

Boy did we celebrate!!!!!!  Brady wisked me away after work and took me to a SURPRISE sushi date in Orlando.  On our 3rd anniversary we ate at the "BEST" sushi restaurant on the west coast… on our 4th anniversary he took me to the "BEST" sushi restaurant on the east coast…  :)  Wonder where we will be living next year to continue the tradition!?!?!?

As you know, I've been the worst of the worst at blogging so (go figure) I forgot to take a picture of the main presentation… but here is our leftovers!!!!  (please notice the Mickey and Minnie Anniversary button!!)

Then we finished our evening at Pinkberry-- yumm, no matter how full you are, you always have room for frozen yogurt with yummy toppings on it.  Trust me, it's a proven fact.

*insert billy mays voice here*BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE-- I come home to a little summthin summthin in my guest closet!!!!!  MY DREAM BOOKSHELF!!!  I've been having my eyes on this little red number for quite some time at my favorite store IKEA and now it is proudly holding my kitchen belongings!  GREAT SURPRISE BRADY!  TWO LEFT HAND RING FINGERS WAY WAY WAY UP FOR BEING THE BEST HUSBAND EVER!!!!!!!!!

this whole marriage thing is so awesome,


  1. did you wear your designer jeans on that sushi date?

  2. Brady is awesome! You got a good one! I vote for your 5th anniversary that he takes you to the best sushi place in the 4 corners!!!! Yipee!!