the disco ball

When you work in Orlando, Fl in the entertainment business… you become friends with some interesting people.  Even people who walk around City Walk covered in mirrors… posing as a human disco ball…

it's all just smoke and mirrors people...

disco ball's adoring fans!

This is my friend Olivia, she stayed with us throughout the month of July… I've kept the door to her room shut these past few days so I don't have to acknowledge that she actually left… I feel like Rose on the wood door, floating, and yelling "COME BACK!!!!!"  PLEASE COME BACK OLIVIA!!!!

We spent her last night in town watching the Disco Ball and taking pictures next to this star… (oh we might have had an inpromptu photo shoot by the Universal Globe…)


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  1. you're the best in the world. :) i love you and that disco ball girl!