the chair

We went to visit Leesburg, Fl (and Grandma Bert) a couple days ago to help her with her computer.

We left with smiles, full bellies and a little stow-away in the back seat.

This gem was from Lake Port Square when my Grandma's friend's decided to redecorate… my gma scored it for $5… I swiped it from her for free (by "swipe", I mean she gave it to me for free…)

Well I found this little picture on one of my DIY blogs that I MUST stop reading immediately…

and got a few ideas…  I already loved the color of the chair gma gave us so this would be easy! :)

So we headed to Home Depot and bought the following:

A SAMPLE of paint: $2.97
Paint Brush: $1.99
Blue Tape: $7.49
Sander Blocks: $3.49

Grand Total: $15.94

I laid out garbage bags on our rented carpet and begun taping and covering every area that I knew I would eventually drip paint on…

I really felt like Tim Kinney's daughter when I used the bungee cord to hold the cushion in so I could paint behind there…  Proud to be a Daddy's Girl! :)
I sanded the heck out of the thing-- the shiny, glossy finish came right up!  PLUS I LOVE my new sander blocks… so much easier to maneuver than sand paper…

then I started the painting!  I did two coats to make sure everything was completely covered… plus my brush strokes looked pretty nasty since I didn't spring for the $8.99 brush…

Brady picked out the whitish color I was going for… and I really loved the name of it :)
and voila!  A shabby new chair! :)

i dim sometimes,


a duggar evening

we had a girls night

we did our hair

we watched the duggars

it was a success

we do things differently,

the eye that loved pink

so I get pink eye.   Like seriously all the time.

This week was no exception.

On Monday a little cutie patootie face pie walked up to me with cute red hair and a blue sundress on.  I looked deep in her eyes and an alarm went off *PINKEYEPINKEYEPINKEYEPINKEYE* but she had it in both eyes… weird.  So I stayed cool.  Didn't do the famous face-to-face hug and blew her a kiss and sent her on her way.

The next morning… I awoke to a little sumfin-sumfin hiding in the corner of my eye.


I've been out of work and missing it!!!!!  Pink eye is not as fun as Elle Woods would think.

Here's a picture diary of my poor left eye:  enjoy!

Day one:
 Day Two:
 Day Three:
 Day Four:
Day Five:

spraying lysol,