happy 4th anniversary to us

Boy did we celebrate!!!!!!  Brady wisked me away after work and took me to a SURPRISE sushi date in Orlando.  On our 3rd anniversary we ate at the "BEST" sushi restaurant on the west coast… on our 4th anniversary he took me to the "BEST" sushi restaurant on the east coast…  :)  Wonder where we will be living next year to continue the tradition!?!?!?

As you know, I've been the worst of the worst at blogging so (go figure) I forgot to take a picture of the main presentation… but here is our leftovers!!!!  (please notice the Mickey and Minnie Anniversary button!!)

Then we finished our evening at Pinkberry-- yumm, no matter how full you are, you always have room for frozen yogurt with yummy toppings on it.  Trust me, it's a proven fact.

*insert billy mays voice here*BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE-- I come home to a little summthin summthin in my guest closet!!!!!  MY DREAM BOOKSHELF!!!  I've been having my eyes on this little red number for quite some time at my favorite store IKEA and now it is proudly holding my kitchen belongings!  GREAT SURPRISE BRADY!  TWO LEFT HAND RING FINGERS WAY WAY WAY UP FOR BEING THE BEST HUSBAND EVER!!!!!!!!!

this whole marriage thing is so awesome,


pardon me, mr. grinch

I received another letter today from the Grinch's helper (by "letter" I mean "text")…

Mr. Grinch was helped by my sister-to-be, CHAELA!!!!!!!!

It made me laugh out loud all over again!!!!!  How fun that my family is so crazy I can't even tell who would help with such funny things!!!

Thanks everyone for the good laugh!  So thankful you're going to be official soon, Chaela! :)

tee hee tee hee,

you're a mean one, mr. grinch

So, I have a on-going joke with one of my very dear (friends) cousins about The Grinch.

So I couldn't WAIT to post that THE Grinch himself sent me a letter in the mail.  Haley, you aren't going to believe it.  Once the Grinch sends you a letter in the mail, you've pretty much made it.

my heart grew three sizes today from receiving this,

ps. haley, i love you to the moon and back.  can't believe i get to be related to the coolest people on the planet.


a special visitor

Princess Aurora LOVES getting to meet all of the little princesses who attend the Princess Tea at the Grand  Floridian!  Little girls and their moms show up dressed very fancy and get to have tea with "Rose Petal" who sings and tells the story of Princess Aurora.  Then Aurora gets to come, dance with the tiny princesses and shares tea with them!  It's so magical and super fun!

And a few weeks ago a very special guest came to visit her!
pinkies up,


a very happy christmas

Our dear friend Livvy was very HAPPY to be part of the Christmas parade!  We were certainly very HAPPY to go and watch all of our favorite characters march down main street in fantastic snow and magical music!

hope you had a happy christmas,


the best four years

Four years ago I promised to love Brady for the rest of our lives, to die to myself everyday and put his needs before my own and to cherish everything about the man that God gave to me.  

I've failed everyday at the above things and he has forgiven me always.  I can say whole-heartedly that I ADORE Brady with all of my heart.  He is incredible and lives up to everything he promised me on January 27, 2007.  This past year he has been the most incredible SUPPORTER and an unbelievable cheerleader to me.  We've had a crazy year of moving and starting new jobs and moving and starting new jobs again and I know I would have NEVER had the courage to do any of that with out his incredible gift of encouragement he gives me everyday.  

I don't know what I ever did to deserve the most unselfish, giving, and loyal husband in the world… but I am so thankful!

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!  I'm so incredibly blessed by you everyday!  

Thanks for making me better!

here's to seventy eight more, baby!!!!!
Mrs. White


mickey's very merry christmas party

We brought in the Christmas season by celebrating with Mickey Mouse and all of our fun friends!  It is incredible!  They shut down the park early and open it as a special ticketed event.  Free cookies and hot chocolate, a zillion characters, a special Christmas parade and LOTS of magic!

Here are a few pictures from our evening!

 Prince Phillip, Princess Aurora, Prince Charming, Cinderella, Me, Brady, Lindsey, Kevin, Belle and the Beast!

 YUMMY hot chocolate-- not as good as GoGo's… but pretty good! :)

Beautiful Cinderella in the parade.

Visiting pixie hollow, Purple-Vidia, Green-Tinkerbell, Brown-Terrance

we love christmas,


i've been away...

It's been really bad.  Brady and I have been eye-ball deep in one million different things… the other day I almost slept twenty four hours straight…  I'm working a ton… Brady is getting the opportunity to speak at least once a week…  it's just been BUSY!

Seriously, I come home and go straight to bed to do the next day.

But-- this is something I don't want to neglect… so I'm asking for your patience as I "back blog" my way into the present…  enjoy our month of holiday festivities and crazy at home projects I try to do by myself…  sorry I've been away so long! :(

time to edit photos and get funny,