Four years ago today Brady and I met!!!!  :)

Four years ago today I was chaperoning some of the cutest girls on a church youth group trip, and while making my nightly "rounds" I was FREAKING out because I was going to ride a roller coaster with BRADY WHITE the next day!!! :)

Four years ago today my Aunt Sara lied and told Brady I was almost 21... haha

Four years ago today I called my little cousin Emily to tell her about how I had just shook Brady's hand!

Four years ago today I requested Picture of a Wedding to be sung at my wedding!

Four years ago today Sara sung me to sleep with "going to the chapel" :)

WHAT A FUN FUN DAY!!! :)  I am so thankful the Lord COMPLETELY blew me away with the man He created for me to spend the rest of my life with! :)  I love how we met, I love how we fell in love and I continue to fall more in love with him everyday!! :)

Here's us getting ready to ride the ride together! :)


in love,

PS- here's a cutie pie picture Jamie sent me of their visit here... I was only able to see them for a few moments but LOVED getting to hug all these little people!!!!  Oh nieces and nephews I hope you know how loved you are by us, even though we're far away!!!!!!!  :)


magical friends

Last night our friends decided it would be fun to eat Chipotle and go bowling!  We didn't want to miss out on the fun (and Brady takes Chipotle-consuming INCREDIBLY seriously) so we went to hang out with some of our new friends here!  We had so much fun!

We decided to bowl at a bowling ally that is RIGHT next door to our apartments... and open 24 hours-- for any of ya'll wanting to bowl at 3AM and can't find a place...

The lanes were all full and the Karaoke line was way too long, so we all headed to our house for a fun night of mario kart, catch phrase and mafia...

Our little apartment was PACKED and we had so much fun!!

I LOVE that God has blessed us with such fun friends that we love so dearly already!!

Pops and GoGo arrive exactly 10 days from TODAY! :)  Thinking about seeing them makes me have tears in my eyes!!!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!  I have NO clue what we're going to do, but we are going to have fun!!  :)  Any fun SoCal ideas are greatly appreciated!!!

Brady and I are staying really busy-- it's great, but I'm TIRED!!  I'm working a lot between Disney and Haagen Dazs and really, truly loving it!!  I'm finally on my third month of P90X-- and I still hate it.

Anabelle was groomed yesterday... she looks so ugly.  We miss precious pets grooming in Branson!!!

Also, this morning we woke up to the most BEAUTIFUL weather!!!!  It's so sunny and perfect!  Loving california!

There's our update!  I'm heading to Disney right now to serve funnel cakes!! :)  YUMMMMM!!!

love today,


my first day

I JUST FINISHED MY FIRST DAY AS A DISNEY CAST MEMBER!  I truly loved EVERY second of it... I worked a 6.5 hour shift, took my lunch break during the firework presentation and got to make magic by filling people's empty tummies! :)

Here's a picture of where I worked tonight:

While leaving the park tonight I was humbled by how much God takes care of us and answers our prayers.  I've prayed for a long time that I would be able to make magic for Disney again.  I prayed specifically for a job once we moved here and He provided!  As silly as it sounds, I felt so close to Him tonight after walking out of the Disney gates!  He provided a great place for me to start my Disney career and I am SO thankful to Him!!!

We went to REI before my shift tonight to buy a pair of insoles for my shoes (Disney shoes are NOT magical in the comfort department)-- we went in for some insoles and left with a road bike!!  (MY HUSBAND IS SO AWESOME)... I know what you're thinking... "Jennafer, you already have the cutest bike on the planet."  True.  Very true.  I love my little mint green beach cruiser... but it was NOT cutting it in the "get to work fast" department...

So to recap:
Number of bikes owned January 1st: 0
Number of bikes owned March 22nd: 3

bike riding magic maker,


happy st. patrick's day

Here at the White house we usually don't celebrate the forever-loved green holiday... but this year we started a new tradition:  celebrate and then blog about it.

We just finished our St. Patty's day feast!!

Anabelle:  The usually, beneful with a hint of green bistro for small dogs :)  YUM!

The mom and the dad: Corned beef and broccoli (PS, I added a hint of cayenne pepper in the basket steamer when I was steaming the broccoli-- DELISH!  Brady has renamed this as "mexican broccoli")

Hope ya'll are having a fun day!!!  Love from us to you!!!!!!!!!!

stay green,



Guess why I am up so early??  It's my first day at DISNEY! :)  My traditions class starts at 7:30 this morning :)  I could barely fall asleep last night in the midst of my excitement!!!!  I can't wait to learn the history of the parks, more fantastic Walt trivia, get my name tag, and be so grateful for every moment that I have the opportunity to work at the happiest place on earth!  God is so good!! :)

Update on last Tuesday-- thank you for your many prayers and love sent my way... ends up NEXT Tuesday I get to share!  BUT your prayers weren't wasted... Brady shared last Tuesday and to say I fell in love with that man all over again is NOTHING!  He BLEW me away! :)  The Lord was glorified with every sentence he shared and he made us LAUGH! :)  It was amazing to step back and watch the man that I love so dearly feel safe to open up and share with this fantastic group of people!!  Have I mentioned how much we love our new friends!?!?!?  BECAUSE WE DO!!!!!!

I think another factor in the sleep situation last night was the fact that Jamie Jo and my five little munchkin friends are in LA right now!!!!  I had high hopes of being a magical tour guide today for them, but due to the scheduling of my traditions class (and some unmagical NOT rescheduling done by Disney) I'm going to have to settle for a quick lunch with my sweet family!  Sad I can't spend the day with them, but excited for the next time they come visit!! :)

Can't wait to report back!!

smile is mouse ear to mouse ear right now,

PS- to my precious birthday celebrators this month... look in your mailboxes!!!  Some magic is coming your way!!! :)  sorry I'm not there to celebrate in person!!  love you both!!!

PPS- due to the lack of professionalism in my life for the past two years as a musician-- Brady said it was probably a good idea for me to go get a new dress for my first day... my friend, Megan, and I headed to my new favorite place, Nordstroms Rack!   That's a whole different post in it's self!  I'm proud to report that I am about to slip into a Juicy Couture dress that was originally $220.00 that I found for $32.00!!  I know God says that if He clothes the lilies of the field, think of what He can bless us with-- but Juicy??  Come on Lord, You're just outdoing Yourself!!!!!  :)


disney in hollywood

I can't believe I forgot to post about my Disney findings on Hollywood Blvd!!! :)


we live by a beach

It finally started to get warm here again!  :)  I love the beach!!!

These pictures are actually from our celebration trip when I found out I got the job at Disney-- Brady took me to eat Sushi by the ocean!!  :)  A GREAT DAY TO REMEMBER!!! :)

feeling warm and fuzzy today,


chinese theatre

This place never gets old to me!! :)  It makes me feel like I'm in Florida with all my Disney buddies!!!

ni hao,

i'm gross

In less than forty-eight hours I am going to be sharing my "testimony" with twenty-some people that I met a mere month ago.

My honest testimony is something that I've kept so hidden from a remarkable about of people.  I think of it as my poker hand.  Secrets that I only show a few people that I trust won't tell my opponent sitting across the table.  The darkness I see inside myself actually makes me physically sick.  The thought of sharing these secrets with strangers overwhelms me with a feeling I can't put into words.

When I think of things I've struggled with in the past, I feel completely and utterly alone.  I look at the amazing, godly, wonderful and beautiful people God has placed in my path and I can't fathom any of them struggling with such nasty things.  Hence, my fear of opening up and sharing what God has shown me grace through.

I came into our room after work and opened my Bible study I'm doing with my family half-way across the country (p.s. i love technology)...  The first thing I read is an example Beth Moore uses from the life of Enoch.  She talks about how Enoch's testimony in fact... isn't Enoch's--- it's God's.  My testimony isn't mine, it's God's.  The fact that only HE knows every inch of my awfulness and is able to forgive is the greatest love I could ever imagine.

Chatting with Brady tonight about my non-understanding of how God is able to forgive me day-in and day-out of my sinful behavior (that I try so hard to overcome) encouraged me to no end.  Having God use Beth Moore to speak to ME tonight about being okay to share my struggles, humbled me.

Tuesday night I'm going to talk openly about a lot of things I've never shared with friends,  and I'm going to be proud of it.  Because it's not my testimony I'm sharing- it's God's.  It's only because of His love that I'm able to get out of bed every morning.  It's only because of His grace that I've overcome some HUGE struggles I've dealt with-- why wouldn't I want to shout that from the roof tops!?!??!?!

Prayers are WELCOMED on Tuesday--  pray that I have courage to be honest!!  Pray that God can use my stories to help some other women sitting in the room that may be struggling with the same things! Pray for humility.  Pray for sweet Brady, poor thing has to be married to this wreck of a creature!!!

thankful people are still willing to be my friends,


red carpet madness

As you know today is the ACADEMY AWARDS!  Brooke and I felt SO lucky to have been around the Kodak theatre while they were setting up!  We actually were able to walk on the red carpet itself (never mind the plastic separating us from true stardom)!!!  Oh my, what fun we had!!!!!

This is the view looking from the Kodak theatre main entrance to the street...  (there is red carpet under that plastic!!!)

blue-me, brown-her

Welcome to the Academy Awards!

Yes, this happened...

unfortunately my carpet is white with speckles,


setting up for the oscars

Outside the Kodak Theatre

Setting up the red carpet in the middle of the street

the big tent set up before you get to the red carpet

oscar man covered in plastic

entrance to the theatre

hoping the blind side wins a ton,


celebrity homes tour

Brooke and I really enjoyed Donny... we really enjoyed all of his knowledge on where the Stars live and (mostly) lived.  It was fun! :)  Well worth the $25! :)

Where Britney Spears lived as a teenager

Where the Osbornes' Show was filmed... now owned by Christina Aguilera

This may not look like much, but Tom Cruise owns that American Flag

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes driveway

Dr. Phil's home

COLUMBO!  Peter Faulk's home! :)

The most photographed gate in the world!!  Michael Jackson's gate!  Behind here is a mansion he rented for $100,000 a month.  

LUCY, I'M HOME!  Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez estate.

Michael Eisner's gate... If only I would have known this a month ago!!!!



we toured the city

My friend, Brooke, was in town for the past few days and we had FUN!  We went to high school together, she works at K2 during the summer and we laugh A LOT when we hang out!!!! :)  Spending time with her was fantastic!  I loved our conversations, her assistance with my terrible driving and the adventures we had!!!!!

The best thing we did was board this crazy bus:

And entrust our lives to Donny, our driver, for two hours!!

Here's what we saw:

Hollywood High!  This is where GREASE was filmed! :)

Some restaurant that Frank Sinatra loved... I thought this mural was pretty neat!

This balcony was the one Richard Gere climbs up to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman!


Thanks to that tall building, I get to watch The Office every Thursday! :)

the Hollywood sign! :)

The Beverly Hills hotel...  Donny WAS NOT supposed to drive through here... two people stopped him. It was extremely embarrassing.

Charlie Chaplan's studios!  Now owned by Jim Hensen...

Tune in tomorrow for the celebrity homes tour!! :)  

i really like living here,

P.S. Brady's song about Ellen  hasn't been discovered.  I guess she stopped reading my blog :(